You do not have to be an expert to trade like one

Our Copytrading service will allow you to subscribe to Signal Providers.
All trades executed by providers will automatically copy on their subscriber’s accounts.

Choose a provider, subscribe and start trading automatically now!

How it works?

In 3 simple steps you can start trading automatically with our Copytrading service:

  1. Send a subscription request to the chosen signal provider.
  2. Wait for your subscription approval.
  3. Once approved, the signal provider will start trading on your account.

Very simple… Don’t you think?

To access the Copytrading section, click on the following button located in the lower right corner.

A. List of Public Signal Providers

In this tab, you will find the list of all the public signal providers.

This list was designed in such a way that all the necessary and useful information of each provider is available to potential subscribers.

1. Provider: Signal provider name.

2. % Gain: Percentage growth of the initial account balance.

3. Winrate: Percentage of trades won over total trades.

4. Trades: Number of open trades since registration as a signal provider.

5. Days: Number of days operating since registration as a signal provider.

6. Last Trade: Date and time of the last trade made.

7. Profit Share: Percentage of commission on profits charged by the provider.

8. Description: A brief description of the provider service.

9. Update Subscribers Status: Click to update the list of signal providers.

10. Provider Filters: This function will allow us to filter the list of signal providers from fully adjustable parameters. It will only show those of your interest!

We will explain how to do this later in the guide

11. Subscribe: This button allows us to subscribe to a signal provider.

We will explain how to do this later in the guide

12. Providers Trades History: Click this button to see all the trades made by the provider since the registration day.

We will explain how to do this later in the guide

13. Chat with Provider: Click to open Messenger to chat with the signal provider.

We will explain how to do this later in the guide

What signal provider should I choose?

Before subscribing to a signal provider, we should do a search to find the perfect one for us.

How to do this? Very easy!

We provide you tools that will allow you to analyze each signal provider. We can as well filter the provider’s list using different fully adjustable parameters.

Take your time to analyze and choose… The final decision is yours!

Provider Trades History

Check all the trades executed by the provider since he started as a provider. Data is also available in a profit/loss chart.

To enter the history we must select the provider and click on the 12 button.

Provider Filters

We can filter the list based on different fully configurable parameters of interest. Only those that meet our requirements are shown on the list.

To open the filters, we must click on the 10 button

We can filter and select providers according to the following criteria:

  1. Progress: Percentage growth of the initial provider’s balance since registration as a signal provider.
  2. Winrate: Success rate on total shared operations.
  3. Trades: Number of trades made since registration as a signal provider.
  4. Days: Days since registration as a signal provider.
  5. Free: By checking this option only the free providers will be shown.

Once the parameters are adjusted, we click «Ok» and it will show us the filtered list of providers.

Chat with a Signal Provider

Have a chat with a signal provider. This is the place to clarify all your doubts about his service.

To open the chat, select the desired provider and click on the 13 button.

I have found my provider… How do I subscribe?
Very Easy! Select the provider and click on

‘Subscription request’ window will open

You must fill the three fields.

The ‘Name Provider’ field must be identical to the name registered by the provider.
By default, this field is automatically filled correctly.

Once all the fields have been filled, click on accept and if everything is correct your subscription request has been sent.

Now we just have to wait until the provider accepts our subscription.

B. Receive Signals

In this section, we will be able to look at all our subscriptions.

In case our subscription request has been accepted, «state» will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Approved’.

1. Update Subscriptions Status: Press to update subscription status.

2. Pause / Continue: Click to pause all provider operations. To receive signals again, simply click the button again, which now looks like this:

3. Unsubscribe: Click to unsubscribe from a signal provider.

4. Trades History with Provider: List of trades made by the provider in your account, as well as a profit/loss graph.

5. Chat: In case you want to contact the provider, you can do it through the Chat.

6.Configurations: We can configure the amount per trade and overwrite the provider’s Martingale settings to our liking.

C. Provide Signals
How to become a Signal Provider?

In case you want to be the one who provides signals to subscribers… You can also do it!

The charge to each of your subscribers is your decision.

You have two possible options:

  • Collect weekly commissions on your customers’ earnings.
  • Give free signals. 

Just follow the steps below and you’ll be sharing your signals in just a few minutes:

  • Go to the ‘Receive Signals’ tab and click on the «Login / Create Signal Provider» button.
  • «Signal Provider» window will open where we will be able to configure our service.
1. Provider Name and Password

You must enter a provider name and a personal password.

We recommend you choose a name that is easily identifiable and a strong password.

2. Provider Configuration
  • Públic: Check this box if you want your signals to be public. Your service will be available to all MT2 users.
  • Accept New Subscription Requests Automatically: Check this box to accept all subscription requests automatically.
  • Email: Email address where you will receive subscription requests and messages from your subscribers.
  • Information for Subscribers: A brief description of the offered signal service.
  • Free Signal: Check this box if you want to share signals at no cost.
  • Chargeable. Profit Share: Check this box to charge commissions on the earnings of your subscribers.
    • For example: Commission 10% – If your subscriber has a profit of $ 100 USD in a week, he must pay $10 USD commissions to continue receiving signals.
3. Signals For Sharing
  • All Signals: If you check this box, your service will share all your MetaTrader signals.
  • Only Signals: This option allows you to specifically choose the signals you want to share to your subscribers.

Once the configuration has been made, click on OK and we are ready to start our journey as Signal Provider.

How can I manage my service?

Once we have received subscription requests to our service, they will be automatically added to the list with a red question mark icon. It is your decision to accept or reject the request.

This list will show all active subscribers, along with users who have requested a subscription to our service.

Below is the list with an explanation of each functionality:

1. Configuration: Modify your provider configuration and profile, or even create a new one.

2. Stop/Start: Pause or resume your service with just a click.

3. Update Subscribers List: Update subscriber data (trades, earnings, status, statistics).

4. Accept/Reject Subscription Request: Click to accept or reject a subscription request.

5. Trades History:  Click to open the history of all the trades made by us on the selected subscriber. It will also show a graph of earnings.

6. Restart Commissions: This action restarts the selected subscriber’s commissions to zero. Very useful to keep the payments ordered.

7. Chat: We can get in touch with our subscribers through the Chat.

The most asked question.. How do I receive commission payments?