Installation Guide

Once you have downloaded MT2 on your PC, proceed to install it.

  1. Right click on  ‘’.
  2. Choose ‘Extract Here’ option.
  3. Open the decompressed folder.
  4. Double click on ‘mt2iq_setup’ to execute the MT2 setup.
  5. Follow the installation instructions.

Installed! Now run the MT2 platform and you are ready to start!

On the first screen, you will be asked to log in your broker account

Once logged in, it’s time to choose the automated signals!

You might be wondering… Where can I get these signals?

  • From MetaTrader indicators.

We provide you «BinaryProfit» in case you don’t have one

  • From MT2 Copytrading service.

Subscribe to a signal provider, for example, a successful trader.
Trades executed by the provider will be automatically copied on your broker account.

To learn more about receiving signals from a MetaTrader Indicator, click here

To learn more about subscribing to a signal Provider from the Copytrading service, click here