Manual Plugin

The Manual Plugin will allow you to execute operations manually in your broker account directly from MetaTrader 4 platform.

It consists of two buttons: CALL (BUY) y PUT (SELL) and an adjustable field AMOUNT where we will set each trade amount.

Trading with it is as simple as adding this tool to our MetaTrader chart, and opening operations directly from there with just one click.

This is how the Manual Plugin looks like.

How can I load it on MetaTrader 4?

The Manual Plugin can be found inside the MT2 installation package

To have it on MetaTrader you just have to follow these 3 simple steps…

  1. Locate the file «MT2IQ_Manual_Plugin.ex4» inside ‘Indicators’ folder: «MetaTrader> MQL4> Indicators».
  2. Copy file «MT2IQ_Manual_Plugin.ex4».
  3. Paste on MetaTrader platform, inside ‘Indicators’ folder. To do so, go to: «File> Open Data Folder> MQL4> Indicators».

How can I open it on MetaTrader?

Once the Manual Plugin file is inside our MetaTrader folders, we will proceed to open it on a graph.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new chart.
  2. Open the navigator: By pressing CTRL + N.
  3. Drag the Manual Plugin to your graph.
We will explain you in detail each of the configurable parameters within the Manual Plugin
A. Signal Name

It’s used to distinguish signals from each other. This will be the name shown for the Manual Plugin trades in the transaction table. The statistics and the transaction history are also based and ordered according to the name of the signals.

Signal’s default name is «Manual», so modifying this parameter is completely optional.

B. Trade Amount

Parameter destined to specify the trade amount the robot will execute on each operation.

In the example, amount is «1.0» which means that the robot will open trades of $1 USD.

To change the amount of each trade, just modify this parameter.

For example: For $5 USD, you should write «5.0». For $10 USD write «10.0», and so on …

C. Expiry Time

Use this parameter to specify the expiry time of your trades.

In the example, expiration is set to «5». This means that each trade the robot opens, will automatically close 5 minutes after being placed.

If you would like major or minor temporalities, modify this number.

D. Martingala

Martingale Strategy is deactivated by default.

To activate it open the menu where it says «No Martingale» and choose the Martingale strategy that fit your needs.

If you are not sure of which Martingale option fits better your strategy, you can read our Martingale documentation.

To learn more about Martingale Strategy, click here

E. Position

This option will allow us to edit the Manual Plugin position within the graph. If we would like to move it to some specific place in our graphic, we just have to change the parameters X and Y.

This is what the Manual Plugin looks like in its default position:

1. Automatic Position

When you activate this option, the buttons will automatically be positioned in the upper left corner.

2. ‘X’ position in the Graph

This parameter is given in pixels.

The value 0 (zero) corresponds to the first pixel starting from the left side of our graph, and as we increase the value, the Manual Plugin will move to the right on the X axis.

3. Position ‘Y’ in the Graph

This parameter is also given in pixels.

The value 0 (zero) corresponds to the first pixel starting from the top of our graph, and as we increase the value, the Manual Plugin will move towards the lower part on the Y axis.