Configure the trading strategy that fit your needs

Configure filters and martingale parameters that fit your trading strategy needs.

You are in absolute control of your account

With MT2 not only your trading robot will take signals from technical indicators or signal providers and place them for you, but you will also be able to define many trading parameters and filters to be in total control of your account!

Define your trading amounts

You can choose the amount per trade to be fixed, variable as a percentage of your account capital or defined by Martingale strategy.

Manage your risk

Trade safely by defining take profit and stop loss parameters to pause your trading robot once they are reached, and by defining trading amount and volume limits! No human can achieve this level of precision..

Filter your trades

You can apply filters so that your robot will only trade when certain conditions are met! This conditions include: minimum payout, trading hours, limit of opened trades per pair and limit of all opened trades!

Customize your view

Decide exactly what your platform will display on your screen: account balance, day profit, trade volume, account number and trades open/close prices!

Choose your favorite language

Our platform has been translated to 11 different languages from which you can choose: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, Hindi, German, Thai, Korean and Philippine!

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